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What are the electrical ratings for the smart breaker line?

Currently, Eaton's smart breakers are offered in BR and BAB variants as 1-pole and 2-pole breakers. Today, these are available from 15-20A for 1-pole and 15-30A for 2-pole devices. We will expand this line in 2022 to add 40A & 50A 2-pole versions

Single pole, 120Vac; 15-30A
Two-pole, 120/240Vac; 15 - 50A (40A & 50A breakers will be available after 2H of 2022)
Interrupting current: 10,000A RMS at 120/240Vac
Rated for HID applications
15A and 20A single pole are SWD rated
Integral ‘remote controlled’ contacts are in series with ‘Quicklag’ thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
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