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Blinking Red Light on CH/BR Dual Function breaker LED blink for 5 times

When the breaker trips, it will blink a code for 30 times.  If it blinks 5 times (there is a pause between each time it blinks) it means it tells us that it is the Fault Code 5 which it Ground Fault.  For example, you can watch the red light and it will blink 5 times and then pause for a second and then it blinks 5 times again and then another pause.  I will do this for a total of 30- times before it stop blinking.


Why there is a ground Fault ?

The problem is current has found an alternate path to ground, which would cause harm to people or property. To clear the Ground Fault, determine the location of leakage current
and repair.


Please refer to the attached Instruction Leaflet for other Fault codes.

  1. 3rd_Gen_AF_GF_Breaker_IL.pdf
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