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How do I select a House Panel?

Information that is needed when selecting a House Panel:

  • Customer information required for selection (voltage, # of circuits, amperage, etc.)
  • How to select product with given info for customer application
  • Accessories required based on product selection 

Eaton’s House Panels offer a faster, easier and safer installation. These 400 A units are ideal for larger homes in North America that require meter breakers. Available in both CH and BR styles, these service entrance devices consist of a meter socket and a distribution section. In response to contractor feedback, these panels have been redesigned with a focus on flexibility, simplified wiring, and an overall ease of installation. All units come standard with a 22 kAIC main breaker. The load conductors can exit the top, bottom, side or back for greater application and installation flexibility.

House panels can be used for apartments, condominiums, clubhouses, or common areas. 

Features, Benefits and Functions
  • NEMA 3R rainproof
  • Rated for service entrance equipment
  • Lever bypass socket available on certain catalog numbers
  • Pin type door hinges
  • Socket to distribution section is connected via insulated cable for safety
  • Second main space can accept 100–200 A BW, CSR or CSR breakers
Standards and Certifications
  • Ring style units meet EUSERC requirements
  • UL listed


Accessories are available for the house panels. These can be found in the Vol. 1, Tab 4 - Metering Products. It is important to understand which accessories are compatible with each socket. Not all accessories can be used in every meter socket.

Renewal Parts:

There are a few renewal parts available for the house panels, but we do recommend contacting the TRC for assistance in selecting these products.  


Standard dimensions can be found in the Vol. 1, Tab 4 - Metering Products. For more detailed drawings, please contact TRC for available drawings. 

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