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How to select Single or Horizontal Ganged Meter Sockets.

Information that is needed when selecting a Single Meter Socket:

Often the most important factor to consider when selecting a meter socket is utility approval. If the socket is not approved by the utility provider then it can not be installed in that area. Normally a distributor will have a list of sockets that are approved for their area. The Meter Socket Selection Tool can be used to find part numbers based on area and the service provider. 

Horizontal ganged sockets are available with similar configurations to the residential series. These are only designed as horizontally ganged sockets, and do not include circuit breakers or a main disconnect. 

  • Residential or Commercial type
  • Amperage
  • Number of Jaws
  • Overhead or Underground feed, or combination OH/UG
  • Wire size (we offer 3/8" studs that lugs can be connected to, or factory installed lugs that can not be changed. This will be specified on the selection sheet in the Vol. 1, Tab 4 - Metering Products
  • Hub type (this becomes important when factoring the size of conduit needed)
  • Bypass (if needed)
    • Lever bypass is standard for all commercial sockets. Horn bypass can be added as an option to residential sockets.

Accessories are available for these. These can be found the Vol. 1, Tab 4-Metering Products section of the catalog. It is important to understand which accessories are compatible with each socket. Not all accessories can be used in every meter socket.

Renewal Parts:

Renewal parts are not available for the individual meter sockets. The accessories are field installable, so these are the only components considered available for renewal.


Standard dimensions can be found in the Vol. 1, Tab 4 - Metering Products. For more detailed drawings, please contact TRC for available drawings. 

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