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Meter Stack Selection

Meter Stacks are meant to be used for group metering applications that require anywhere from 1 meter socket to multiple banks of sockets, are also dependent on the number of phases needed, and if the application is a commercial or residential application.  

Information needed when selecting a meter stack:

  • Main devices will need to be selected based on the utility requirements in your area, see catalog for product selection.
  • Determination of feed depends on type of main device used, check catalog for underground or overhead feed options.
  • Number of meters, amperage rating (per meter socket), ring or ringless style, copper or aluminum bus, bypass type (check with local utility to see what is required in your area) for the meter stacks.
  • For any non standard requests, the flex center for metering can be contacted to determine price and availability. The flex center can be reached by calling 800-330-6479 option 2 or


  • Accessories are available for these units and can be found in the Vol. 1, Tab 4 - Metering Products. The accessories are listed at the end of the group metering section and are the same for 1MP, 1MM and 3MM type units.

Renewal parts:

  • Renewal parts are available for these units and can be found in the catalog. Renewal parts for 1MP, 1MM and 3MM units are listed together in the same section. Most renewal parts are the same for these units, but some configurations might have different components for renewal. It is important to check any notes that are listed before providing a part number.
  • Internal components related to the buswork are not available for renewal. If anything within the buswork is damaged the only option is to replace the unit. 
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