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Functions/Features of RTC-100?

The RTC-100 controller provides an unmatched degree of programmed flexibility to address the needs of any system. It operates on 240 VAC, single-phase at 50 or 60 Hz. The RTC-100 controller monitors the condition of the line voltage of both the Utility and Generator power sources. The RTC-100 controller provides the necessary intelligence to insure that the transfer switch operates properly through a series of programmed sensing and timing functions.

A standard RTC-100 controller will:

• Monitor Utility and Generator power source voltages

• Provide under voltage protection of the Utility and Generator power sources

• Permit easy customer set-up

• Provide source status indications

• Monitor and actively control two loads to ensure that the generator does not become overload by those loads.

• Actively control, with external RTC-100 load control boards, an infinite number of loads to ensure that overloading of the generator does not occur.

• Provide start signals for all makes and models of generators

(Utility sensing, 2 wire start, etc.)

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