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How do I fix an F7 (Saturation Fault) code for a 9000X Series drive?

The F7 saturation fault is looking at the voltage from the collector to the emitter of the IGBT when the device is turned on. If the drive monitors greater than 7VDC when the device is on it sees this as too great of a voltage for the IGBT to be working properly. This fault is only active on the FR4-9 frame sizes. There are a few things that can cause this trip. • IGBT did not turn on due to defective firing circuit or IGBT • Monitoring circuitry is not monitoring the voltage correctly giving false trips • A short on the output of the drive can make the IGBT the highest impedance load • Poor grounding can cause noise that will trip the drive Most of the problems occur inside of the drive but not all of them. Do the static checks and DC balance checks listed below. This should tell you whether the problem is inside or outside of the drive.