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S811+ soft starter selection?

Optimal product selection requires the following information:

You can use this information to select a starter from the catalog: Volume 6, Tab 1. If the number of starts per hour or ramp time exceeds these values in the catalog please call us or take the chat option below to discuss your specific application. 
Additional Notes
  • 24 VDC control power is required. Eaton's current offering is the PSG240E (120 - 240 VAC, Single Phase Input) or PSG240F24RM (480 VAC, Three Phase Input).
  • The premium version ( part number ending in P3S) comes with a pump start and pump stop mode (designed specifically for pump applications), and ground fault sensing (set to 50% of FLA, 2-20 sec delay). These features are not available on the standard version (N3S) and the standard model cannot be upgraded to premium in the field.
  • Frames T, U and V do not come with lugs. Available lug kits can be found in the accessories section of the catalog

For more information, see our S811+/S801+ Product Overview

S811+ Start Delay Trip

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