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S811/S811+ soft starter will not start?

If your status light is red then your soft starter is faulted and will ignore a run command.  See the user manual - link below for fault listings and a troubleshooting guide. If your status light is green and you are sending a +24Vdc signal to both P&1 terminals and it is not starting, be sure you have terminal #3 jumpered to your +24vdc terminal.  These starters will ignore a run command if that jumper is not there.  This is different from the older S801/S801+ soft starters. Those did not have anything going to terminal #3.  Also make sure you have the right power supply - these starters need 10amps to close their bypass.  The PSG240 series is the correct series to use.   

S811+ User Manual

For more information, see our S811+/S801+ Product Overview

What can cause an SCR failure on a soft starter?

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