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S811+ Fault Code 59

Actual shorted SCR's are a rare occurrence. The first step when receiving a fault code 59 (Shorted SCR) is to verify the following common causes: 

  • Motor is not connected
  • Very small load connected (less than 1/16 of the starter's FLA setting)
  • Open or poor connections anywhere in the mains circuit including:
    • Load side of breaker or fusible disconnect.
    • Line side of soft starter.
    • Load side of soft starter.
    • Motor lead(s).
    • Junction boxes.
    • Any/all isolation or reversing contactors.

These conditions are suspect particularly if the unit will run for a while, then fault trip.

If the above common causes check out ok, then you can completely remove power from the unit and measure the resistance of each pole, from line to load. If the resistance is near zero, then this would indicate a shorted SCR. 

S811+/S801+ Shorted SCR

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