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What to the Flashing LED's on the S811+ Mean?

There are three (3) LED/s on the face of the S811+ that indicate the status of the unit;

STATUS - this is the main indicator that displays if the S811+ is ready to run or is in a faulted condition. If the LED is GREEN, the unit is operating normally or is ready to accept a start or run command. If the LED is RED, a fault trip condition occurs. If the RESET button is pushed and the STATUS LED remain RED, this means that there is an active Fault condition that must be corrected.

CH1 - This is the LOCAL channel that is used to communicate between the printed circuit board and the Digital Interface Module (DIM). When the DIM is plugged in, this LED will have a slow pulse flash (mostly ON). If the LED has a rapid short pulse (mostly OFF) , the unit is not communicating with the DIM. Please note that the S811+ can be configured to run without the DIM installed and this would be a normal indication. The fact that this LED is yellow has no significance.

CH1 Flash Pattern

Upon power up with 24 Vdc, this LED will flash 5 times with a medium pulse as the unit initializes, then a rapid pulse as the communication link is established then:

A) Slow pulse mostly ON if communications are established with a DIM;

B) Slow pulse mostly OFF if a DIM is not connected/detected.

C) Pulse pattern does not change whether or not the S811+ has been configured to run without the DIM.


CH0 - This is the REMOTE channel that is used for communications networks. This LED is used to indicate network communication status to the next higher device. This means that if a C441 comms adapter is being used, it will indicate the status between the S811+ and the C441 adapter. If the adapter is not communicating with the network, the S811+ does not have the ability to recognize such a condition.  If no network is connected, this LED will have a rapid pulse. When communicating with a network, the LED will have a slow pulse (mostly ON). This LED is green.

CH0 Flash Pattern

Rapid pulse, mostly ON = network connection not recognized (not connected, this is what the customer sees most of the time);

Rapid pulse, mostly OFF = network connection detected and unit is communicating.

No pulse (I love this one) = network connection detected but not communicating.

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