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What is F00 in an S611?

F00 is not really a fault code but a fault status message.

If a real fault occurs the unit displays the error code (Fxx) continuously. The customer may go to the fault log to check for any additional fault codes, but the F00 will never be displayed. After a true fault condition has been corrected, a reset can be performed either through the rest terminal input on TB3 or the UI.

The F00 code will occur only when the user enters the fault log and allows the display to remain in the fault code field by not exiting this parameter. The message means that there are no active or stored faults in memory.

When the unit reverts to F00 all the other LED’s turn off (except the fault led which comes on).

The LED’s will restore when the UI mode button is used.

When the F00 is present in the display, the unit will start, run, and stop in accordance with the values entered into the operating parameters.

If F00 is present and a trip occurs, F00 is replaced by the active fault code.

Once present, the F00 will only be extinguished by cycling 120 Vac control power or the occurrence of an active fault.

F00 cannot be removed from the display by using any of the reset methods.

F00 does not affect the operation of the fault relays.

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