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How do I fix an F10 Input Phase Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The input phase fault is looking for voltage in the rectified 3 phase inputs. When the input voltage into the drive, the drive monitors all 3 phase voltages from there it performs a calculation for differential voltage min and max values, if the drive sees the differential max to become greater than the differential min the drive sees it as it losing one of the phases. This is a relative slow trip as the drive is capable of running with a missing input phase for a short period of time. This trip can be turned off but it is a good idea to have this on as the input current goes up 1.73 times on a single phase and the DC bus caps now have to filter out a ripple that goes all the way down to 0V. For this fault the first thing to check is to make sure that all 3 phases are present on the input of the drive. If they are not troubleshoot upstream to see where one of the phases was lost. If all 3 phases are present reset the fault. If the fault resets it may have been a temporary loss of a phase on the input that the utilities have corrected. If the fault does not reset and all 3 phases present on the input of the drive there is something wrong with the monitoring circuit of the drive. Turn off this protection to see if the fault can be cleared. If there is something else monitoring the 3 phase that can shut the drive down the drive can be run this way. If there is no other monitoring circuitry for the 3 phase the drive should be repaired or replaced.