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How do I fix an F14 Drive Over Temperature code for a DG1 drive?

The over temperature trip level is dependent on the frame size drive, all of which are based of the IGBT and power board temperature level. There are multiple temperatures that can be monitored through the pc tool or an external HMI though communications. The temperature display on the keypad is the larger value of the IGBT and power board sensors. FR1: trip at 96C, fold back at 90C FR2: trip at 91C, fold back at 85C FR3: trip at 94C, fold back at 85C FR4: trip at 89C, fold back at 78C FR5: trip at 88C, fold back at 80C When an over temperature fault occurs the first thing to do is check and see if the cooling fans are working properly, typically there will be a fan fault as well if the fan has failed. If the fans are not spinning it is good to verify voltage is getting to the fans, with a multi-meter measure the voltage across the fan connector, there should be 24Vdc on FR1-FR4 and 48Vdc on FR5 fans. If the fans are working check the air flow through the drive, if the air is restricted it will be required to clean out the cooling tunnel. If there is air flow check the temperature of the air to see if it hot or cold, if it is cool air is flowing it would indicate the temperature sensors have failed. This failure would require factory service to repair. Another thing to check would be the ambient air temperature that eh drive is located in. The drive is meant to be in a location that does not exceed 50degC ambient and is no more than 1000M above sea level. If either of these conditions are exceeded the drive requires de-rating which is found in the installation manual. Another thing to note with this fault the drive will try to prevent the fault condition by dropping the switching frequency once the fold back temperature is met which varies based off frame size. The switching frequency will back itself down more the closer it gets to the fault temperature.