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How do I fix an F32 Fan Cooling Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The fan cooling fault is enabled on the FR4 and FR5 drives. This fault is an indication that one of the 2 fans in these frame size drives has stopped which will greatly affect the ability for the drive to cool but the drive can still run with a single fan. The drive monitors the voltage on one of the pins of the fan circuit and when it goes low it indicates a fan has stalled. To handle this fault it is suggested to go to look at the main cooling fans at the top or the bottom of the drive. One of them is potentially not spinning this could be due to voltage not getting to the fan or the bearing in the fan have seized up. With a multi-meter measure the voltage going to the fan on FR4 there should be 24Vdc and on FR5 there would be 48Vdc.