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How do I fix an F82 Bypass Overload Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The bypass overload fault is used when there is a bypass motor protector used on the drive. The overload protector should be fed into the drive to indicate it has tripped and to have the drive indicate a fault. To handle this fault go in to the input signals and determine which input is set up for bypass overload, if that input is correct go to the overload block and verify that is has been set up correctly for the application. Also, verify the wiring from the overload to the drive and the motor connections on the overload block to make sure nothing is lose or mis-wired. If the fault will not reset could be an issue with the overload block, remove the wiring and verify fault resets if does put a jumper to test again. If the fault doesn’t reset then there could be an issue with the control board input, replace control board. If the control board is okay the overload may have gone bad, replace overload.