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Is there a Keypad Repair Program for the S/HV9000 series keypads?

Yes. There are two options: replace the entire drive or repair the keypad. The following products are required to utilize the VFD Replacement Program and are not eligble for the Keypad Repair Program: • Open S/HV9 drives 60HP and under (all voltages) • Enclosed S/HV9 where conversion kits are available: o 480V Variable torque: through 75HP (exc. S/HV9050AGV5M0A00) Constant torque: through 60HP (exc. SV9040AGC5M0A00 and SV9050AGC5M0A00) o 240V through 30HP o 208V through 25HP All other drives are eligible for both the Keypad Repair and VFD Replacement Programs. Please contact with the Catalog and GO Number of the drive to get started.