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How do I fix an F31 (IGBT Over Temp Fault) code for a 9000X Series drive?

This is a hardware I2T function. This fault is only active on FR9 and above drives. This is a 4 stage circuit with each stage representing a higher current and quicker trip. When this fault is by itself if normally indicates a locked rotor. What you will find in fault history is a very low freq probably about 4 Hz with the current being at the current limit set in the drive. What this indicated is that the application went into a current limit when it started which means you either have a locked rotor or a hard starting application. If you have a locked rotor you should check this by spinning the motor manually. You may also want to confirm that you are not trying to start the motor backwards and you are hitting the anti-backspin. If you can spin the motor and there is nothing stopping the application from starting it is possible that the application takes a lot of starting torque. It may be a good idea to try the auto torque boost to get the starting torque needed.