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How do I fix an F82 (Bypass Overload Fault) code for a 9000X drive?

This fault is only on drives with HVX software loaded to them. This is normally defaulted to DIN6 into the drive. This is a feedback coming from the reversing starter that is used as the isolation contactor for the bypass. If this trips out while you are running in bypass you will need to check that the starter is set for the proper FLA current of the motor. Seeing as this setting only really needs to protect when the drive is in bypass you can use the SF rating of the motor for this. It is a good idea to set this slightly above the SF rating so you do not get nuisance trips. The other thing to check at this point is to make sure when the bypass is running that you are drawing current on all of the phases and what that current is compared to the rating of the motor. If you are drawing too much current it is likely that the application is not sized to run across the line and you will have to troubleshoot the application. It would be a good idea to uncouple the application and run the motor to see what the magnetizing current is of the motor, if this is too high check the motor out. If you get this fault while running the drive the first thing to look at is what the drive thinks it is outputting for current. If this is not close to what the starter is set for it is likely that the starter is not tripping on current especially if we are getting this trip while the drive is trying to ramp up when it starts. At this point I would suspect that the starter has its phase loss circuitry still enabled. If this is enabled the starter expects the freq running through it to be at or near 60Hz and the drive is not running at this freq so the starter is not seeing the output waveform when it expects to see it so it thinks there is a phase loss. If this is happening go through the procedure to turn off the phase loss detection in the starter.