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DC1 Message "h 0-1"

If a DC1 drive displays "h 0-1" then this is indicating a Output Over Current Fault. Other Eaton drives refer to this as a F1 Over Current Fault. 

Over current (F1):

  1. The first step is to remove the motor and start the drive. If the drive trips with nothing connected the drive has failed and will have to be replaced.
  2. Insulation test the motor and the motor cables. If these test alright, see if the motor can be uncoupled and test run with the drive connected
  3. If the drive trips on an uncoupled motor, connect a test motor to the drive and see if it can run this motor. For this purpose, it is nice to have the test motor be the same size as the original motor although even a small motor will tell us certain things. If you can run the drive on a known good application, this works the best. If the drive trips on the test motor or known good application replace the drive.
  4. If the drive can run the uncoupled motor, try to spin what the motor was coupled to by hand to make sure it is not stuck. If you can spin the application re-couple the motor and try to start it again. The most likely place for the output to short is in the motor connection box, it is not a bad idea to have these connections reinsulated as a precaution. This problem can come and go and will normally get worse over time.