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How do I copy parameters from one drive to another for DC1?

To allow copying from one drive to another a communications adapter or cable would need to be obtained. Currently the
two offerings are:
Bluetooth copy/paste communication stick – Part Number: DX-COM-STICK
USB PC connection kit – Part Number: DX-COM-PCKIT
1. The Bluetooth module will communicate with a PC that has a Bluetooth antenna. This module also can copy
and paste directly from one drive to another. To perform this option insert the module into the drive’s RJ-45 Jack.
Ensure that the left switch indication is in the UNLOCK position. Once power and communication to the stick has
been established a blue and green LED will light up. Pressing the arrow facing the LEDs will copy the parameters
to the stick. After pressing this arrow the green LED will flash indicating the copy activity, once this has completed
the drive’s display will show PASS-r. Pressing the arrow facing the drive will activate copying the parameters
from the stick to the drive. The green LED will flash indicating the activity and once the transfer has been
made the VFD will display PASS-t.
2. The PC kit uses the DrivesConnect software that can be obtained at This is the PC tool
used to go online with the drive. After going online with a drive you can save a parameter file and then load another
drive with that file. You also have the ability to use this software tool to create a virtual drive parameter set.
Once a set has been saved or created you can connect to a drive and load that drive with the virtual parameter