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DC1 3-Wire (Start Pulse - Stop Pulse) Control

To set up a DC1 for 3-Wire control, also known as Start Pulse - Stop Pulse is very simple. P-15 configures the drive's digital inputs. To access P-15, P-14 must be set to 101 first. Realize that with this drive, the digital inputs cannot be configured individually. Can only select from a predetermined list of settings. Below are the 3 that encompass 3-Wire control. No other options are available internally in the drive for control. 

10 Pulse FWD (NO) Pulse STOP (NC) Select AI1 REF/f-Fix1 AI1 REF
11 Pulse FWD (NO) Pulse STOP (NC) Pulse REV (NO AI1 REF
14 Pulse FWD (NO) Pulse STOP (NC) Pulse REV (NO Select DIG REF/f-Fix1