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DE1 Modbus Communication

1) Preferred Method

Connect to the DE1 and change P-12 to a value of 3, which will instruct the DE1 to communicate via Modbus RTU (excerpt from manual (MN040018EN)
shown below:

2) Alternate Method

  • Use a USB to RS-485 converter for laptop
  • Use Modbus Master program with the settings below to write a value of 3 to decimal holding register 140 using Function Code 6 (write single register):Node Address = 1 
         Data Bits = 8
         Start Bits = 1
         Stop Bits = 1
         Parity = None
         Baud Rate = 115,200 kbps
  • Create or modify an existing RJ-45 cable to use pins 3, 7, and 8, for Signal Ground, RS-485- and RS-485+ respectively (excerpt from manual (MN040018EN)
    shown below: