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DG1 Frequency Scaling with Non-Zero Min/Max

For an DG1, to have the drive scale the input analog signal from 0 Hz to FMAX instead of auto-scaling from FMIN to FMAX, P2.1.2 AI Reference Scale Max Value value needs to be changed to 60 Hz (FMAX); independent of which signal type is used [0-10VDC vs 4-20mA].

This allows 5VDC or 12mA to equate to a 30 Hz output instead of 40 Hz default. See figure below.


FMIN = 20 Hz

FMAX= 60 Hz


P21.1.2 Application = Multi-Purpose

P1.1 Min frequency = 20 Hz

P1.2 Max frequency = 60 Hz

P2.1.2 AI Ref Scale Max Value = 60 Hz       [FMAX][Using 0-10VDC signal]

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  1. AB_DG1_Frequency_Scaling_with_Non_Zero_Fmin-Fmax.pdf