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DG1 Returning to Factory Settings

For an DG1, to return the drive to factory settings, follow the steps below.


  1. Apply power to drive
  2. Navigate to the Main Menu. For a DG1, the main menu is indicated by the indicator blocks at the top of the keypad display. TPM will be displayed in the top right hand corner. To get to this menu, simply press the ◄ (left arrow) until at the menu.
  3. Select Parameters and press OK.
  4. Press the ▲(up arrow) and select P21 System 
  5. Press the OK button. The drive will now display P21.1 Basic Settings, P21.2 Version Info, P21.3 Application Info and P21.4 User Info. Select P21.1 Basic Settings and press OK button.
  1. Press the ►(right arrow) until in parameter editing menu is visible.
  1. Press the ▼(down) arrow until P21.1.3 Parameter Sets. Press the ►(right arrow). No” will begin flashing. Press the ▲(up arrow). Reload Defaults” will be displayed. Press the OK button. The drive will power cycle and come back up with the Startup Wizard. ​​​​​​​
  1. AB_DG1_Return_to_Factory_Defaults.pdf