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DG1/DH1 Generation III (Ver 36) Board Identification

There are several features used to identify a DG1/DH1 Generation III (Ver 36) board.

In the figure below (see attached document link), the upper left quadrant of the board has silkscreen text,

Control Board of the Galaxy


The second-row numbers can be used to identify the board revision.

In the lower right quadrant of the control module board, there is an integrated circuit (IC) with a white dot. This is located just above the option card Port A and Port B. This IC is unable to be seen when the control module is installed in its normal configuration. To see it, the 3 Phillips screws must be removed that mount the control module to the front of the drive. Secondly, the 4 smaller Phillips screws mounting the control module board to the control module plastic housing also must be removed. (This may require the removal of the I/O terminal blocks if wiring is already in place.)

The 3rd feature to identify a Generation III (Ver 36) board is a sticker placed above the keypad RJ45 port on the control module. This can be viewed after removing the keypad and keypad adapter connector.