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DG1 Replace Fan Fault/Warning

A DG1 FR1-FR6 drive will indicate when the fan is approaching its end of expected life. This is approximately 24,000 hours of operation. at 2 months before this has elapsed, the drive will show a F65 Replace Fan Warning. This warning is only based on run time of the main cooling fan(s). This will not stop the drive from running. Resetting the alarm only clears it temporarily and  will come back shortly. To resolve this, 


  1. Apply power to drive
  2. Navigate to the Main Menu. For a DG1, the main menu is indicated by the indicator blocks at the top of the keypad display. TPM will be displayed in the top right hand corner. To get to this menu, simply press the ◄ (left arrow) until at the menu.
  3. Select Parameters and press OK.
  4. Press the ▲(up arrow) and select P9 Protections
  5. Press the OK button. The drive will now display P9.1 4mA Input Fault.
  6. Press the ▲(up arrow) and select P9.37 Replace Fan Fault Response and press OK button.
  7. Press the ►(right arrow) until Fault is flashing.
  8. Press the ▲(up arrow)  or▼(down) arrow until NO ACTION is shown. Press OK button to save. 

Likely, you will have to reset the warning one more time, if still active. Recommend purchasing a replacement fan or fan kit (FR4 and up required two main cooling fans) to have ready if the main cooling fan(s) fail. 



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