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DG1 - F40 Device Unknown

DG1 Generation III boards use V36 or better firmware. This has built in a new feature “Auto Firmware Upgrade”, the feature allows DG1 (Gen III) to automatically upgrade card firmware when it’s installed. However, there is a feature limitation:

DG1 Gen III V36.05 “Auto_Firmware upgrade feature”

The auto-firmware upgrade feature in DG1 V36 (released V36.05 as of April 2022) only supports those V35 option cards, i.e. any cards older than V35, DG1 V36 will not perform the function, instead, the drive will show “Device Unknown” in display.

In this case, will need to use Firmware Upgrade tool to manually upgrade the option card firmware.

This applies to all communication cards,  

  • Profibus               DXG-NET-PROFIBUS
  • CANopen             DXG-NET-CANOPEN
  • SWD                      DXG-NET-SWD
  • DeviceNet           DXG-NET-DEVICENET

and all I/O option cards,