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How do I fix an F29 Thermistor Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The thermistor fault is due to either the Thermistor input are enabled on the control board or the IO1 option card. This input is looking for a resistance value, if the resistance is greater than 4.7K oh or it is seen as open or shorted out the drive will go into this fault condition. To handle this fault go into the monitor menu and see what the drive sees as the monitored re-sistance value, from there it will point to an issue being with the thermistor being open, shorted or the value reading high. In a short or open condition it would be suggested to take a ohm meter and measure the resistance to verify from there if things measure okay check connections and wiring. If things check bad with the ohm meter then the thermistor has failed. If the value is reading high then it will require going out to the thermistor location and checking if in-fact the measurement is an accurate reading and things are warm or is it a false reading.