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How do I fix an F56 PT100 Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The PT100 fault is a user selectable fault when the IO4 option cards is installed. This allows for the ability to connect up 3 individual PT100 RTD’s that can be used measure temperatures in the motor or other devices. This measurement will come back as a temperature level from -30deg C to 200deg C. When the card is installed there is a user selectable level for a warning and a fault condition. If the fault occurs verify that the programming is set correctly and verify the reading in the monitor menu matches up with the application. If there are differences in the temperature readings then there could be an issue with wiring, there thermal couple being short or open, or the option cards isn’t reading properly. Trace out the probes and verify they are wired and measuring properly, try setting up for single PT100 if multiple are used and find the one with an issue.