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DM1 Digital Inputs Monitor Menu

If you have a DM1 Pro, this comes with a built-in keypad display. With this display, you can view the current status of the 4 digital inputs. This can be done via M2.4
DI1, DI2, DI3 and M2.5 DI4. However the method in which the drive displays the input status is not easily interpreted. The built-in keypad will display a decimal value. Convert this to Binary to understand which digital inputs are ON/OFF. See table below for breakdown of all values. 

Decimal Binary DIN1 DIN2 DIN3
1 0001 OFF OFF ON
2 0010 OFF ON OFF
3 0011 OFF ON ON
4 0100 ON OFF OFF
5 0101 ON OFF ON
6 0110 ON ON OFF
7 0111 ON ON ON

Note, if using a external DG1 keypad, the display will show the same as for DG1 or DH1 of digital input status values.