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M-Max (MMX) - Navigating the Menus

The MMX menu navigation is unique and requires timing to change parameter values. The figure below shows the keypad screen. The next page shows the keypad interface and what the indicators represent.

Figure 1: MMX Keypad P1.1

Arrow Indicators:

  • READY: Indicates that DC-Bus and Enable Signals are present; drive can run
  • RUN: Indicates if the drive is running, does NOT mean motor has to be rotating
  • STOP: Drive is stopped and the motor is not being powered
  • ALARM: Indicates if there is an issue that may be arising, i.e. Current Limit
  • FAULT: Indicates that the drive has a fault condition present, i.e. Ext Fault
  • REF: Indicates the keypad Reference value, use for keypad speed ref. only
  • MON: Indicates Monitor menu, use to monitor Output Freq, Voltages, Inputs, etc.
  • PAR: Indicates Parameter menu, use to change any parameter and drive setting
  • FLT: Indicates Fault Menu, use to see drive status at time fault occurred
  • FWD: Indicates if drive is running in forward direction
  • REV: Indicates if drive is running in reverse direction
  • I/O: Indicates if drive is under I/O Terminal (Remote) Control for START/STOP signals
  • KEYPAD: Indicates if drive is under Keypad (Local) Control for START/STOP signals
  • BUS: Indicates if drive is under Fieldbus Control for START/STOP signals