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SVX Frequency Scaling with Non-Zero Min/Max

For an SVX/SPX, to have the drive scale the input analog signal from 0 Hz to FMAX instead of auto-scaling from FMIN to FMAX, P1.2.2.6 AI1 Reference Scaling, Minimum or P1.2.3.7 AI2 reference scaling, maximum value need to be changed to 60 Hz (FMAX) depending on which signal type is used [0-10VDC vs 4-20mA]. 

This allows 5VDC or 12mA to equate to a 30 Hz output instead of 40 Hz default. See figure below. 

FMIN = 20 Hz
FMAX= 60 Hz


S5.2 Application = Multi-Purpose 
P1.1.1 Min frequency = 20 Hz
P1.1.2 Max frequency = 60 Hz
P1.2.2.6 AI1 reference scaling. minimum value = 60 Hz    [FMAX][Using 0-10VDC signal] 
P1.2.3.7 AI2 reference scaling, maximum value = 60 Hz    [FMAX][Using 4-20mA signal] 



  1. AB_SVX_Frequency_Scaling_with_Non_Zero_Fmin-Fmax.pdf