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SVX - SPX Return to Factory Defaults

For an SVX/SPX/HVX/LCX, to return the drive to factory settings, follow the steps below.


  1. Apply power to drive
  2. Navigate to the Main Menu. For a SVX/SPX, the main menu is indicated by the letter and numbers below the RUN/STOP/READY row of icons. M will be displayed on the left hand side for the Main Menu. To get to this menu, simply press the ◄ (left arrow) from the Operate Menu until the text "Press Enter for Programming" is displayed. Press ENTER
  3. You will most likely see "Parameters G1 GX" displayed. 
  4. Press the ▲(up arrow) until System Menu is displayed. Press the ►(right arrow). 
  5. Press the ▲(up arrow) until "Copy Parameters P1 →  P4" is displayed.  Press the ►(right arrow).
  1. You should see Parameter Sets, if so press the ►(right arrow). Loadfactdef should be shown. Press ENTER

The drive will now be defaulted. To prompt the Wizard to reprogram the drive parameters, hold the STOP button for 5 seconds or until Start-Up Wizard Activated message is shown. Upon the next power cycle, the Wizard will be available.