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SVX/SPX missing "READY" and Will Not Start

If a SVX display is missing the "READY" in the top left corner. This indicates that the drive is not READY. Therefore, it will not respond to RUN commands. 

The missing READY can be caused by a couple of things. 

  1. Fault Condition
  2. DC Bus Voltage
  3. Run-Enable

First check to see if the FAULT LED is illuminated. If so, check Faults Menu for Active Faults and proceed from there. If the FAULT LED is not flashing or illuminated, then check the Monitor Menu for the DC Bus Voltage (V7.8 DC Link Voltage) and Unit Temperature (V7.9 Unit Temperature). For a 480Vac drive, the DC Bus should be around 670Vac and for 208Vac/230Vac it should be around 290Vdc-230Vdc. Note that the incoming voltage phase-to-phase multiplied by the square-root of 2 (i.e. 1.414) is approximated value of what the DC bus should be. If reading 0Vdc and power to the drive, not the enclosure has been verified, try re-seating the ribbon cables on the control module and within the power section of the drive. Contact for additional guidance if needed. 

The NRD can also be caused by a missing RUN-ENABLE signal. Check P1.2.1.1 Start/Stop Logic Selection and P1.2.7.3 Run Enable. If P1.2.1.1 is assigned to START-ENABLE, digital input 2 (DIN2) or terminal 9 needs to be closed with 24Vdc for the drive to be able to run. This also goes for P1.2.7.3, by default, this parameter is set to 0.2 (Normally Closed). If assigned to a input, it needs to be closed for the drive to be able to run. Can check digital inputs under Monitor (V7.14 DIN1-DIN2-DIN3 and V7.14 DIN4-DIN5-DIN6).