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I need the SCCR, short circuit current ratings for electrical components

Find your SCCR ratings at our  SCCR Home Page

You will find Eaton’s SCCR Protection Suite in the above link. This is a comprehensive product portfolio that provides equipment designers easy access to a wide selection of circuit protection and wiring distribution/termination to switching devices to meet a broad range of SCCRs needs from 18kA to 200kA. These solutions help designers eliminate weak links by identifying solutions that raise the component SCCR or limit the fault.

You will also find guidance on "understanding and planning for SCCR articles.

For UL Combination ratings see attached Link. Combination SCCR ratings

Once on the UL web page scroll down and click on the Eaton name to open the spreadsheet with the combination values.


Recent SCCR article - Design For SCCR 

Code changes affecting SCCR based on NEC 2017