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What is the replacement handle mechanism for a Westinghouse A200 enclosed combo starter?

Select the proper SM type handle mech based on the disconnect or breaker that is in the box.  If the defeater is needed, also supply part# 623B214G02.  These kits include the handle and the piece that attaches to the front of the breaker/disconnect. These ktis can be found in our Aftermarket Yes catalog. This applies to sizes 00-4 Combo starters in NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures.


F frame series C, EB, EHB, FB, HFB breakers -- SM150R


Type DS non-fusible switches 30, 60, 100 amp -- SM150R


Type DS non-fusible switches 200 amp -- SM200SR


Type DS fusible switches 30, 60, 100 amp -- SM100SFR


Type DS fusible switches 200 amp -- SM200SFR


FB TRI-PAC, FB current limiter, FCL breakers -- SM101PR


De-ion switches 30, 60, 100 amp -- SM100R


DA, JA, KA, HKA, LB, LBB, HLB breakers -- SM225R


J frame series C breakers -- SM250JR


JB, KB, HKB breakers -- SM250R


K frame series C breakers -- SM400KR


LAB, LA, HLA,LC,HLC breakers 400, 600 amp -- SM400R


MA, HMA, MC, HMC breakers -- SM800R


LA TRI-PAC breaker -- SM400PR


LD, HLD, LDC breakers -- SM600R


NB TRI-PAC breakers -- SM800PR


NB, HNB, NC, HNC breakers -- SM1200R


LCL breakers -- SM400LCLR