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Replacing AN16 (Contactor Mount C306) Overloads with C440 information ?

Size 00, 0 and 1 use the same mounting plates for the AN16 and AN19 so you can just swap the overloads.

Size 2 AN16 uses plate 17-18665, Size 2 AN19 uses 17-18664. 17-18664 is a shorter plate, the one that the Size 1 AN16 and AN19 use.

Size 3 use the same mounting plate for AN16 and AN19, but the AN16 doesn’t have load side lugs on the contactor, and the AN19 does. Lug part number 80-6616, nut 915-24Z, washer 916-682Z.

Size 4 AN16 and AN19 both use plate 17-16697 for the contactor, but they each use different mounting plates for the overload. The AN19 needs plate 17-24257, which is not loaded in Vista.