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What is the SCCR rating for the XT 3 phase commoning links?

The Eaton manual motor protector (MMP) Series XTPR../PKZMO and PKZM4 is certified by UL for use as UL508 manual motor protector and self-protected combination motor controller construction Type E by using specified accessories and together with contactors as Type F for protection of electrical motors like shown in UL file E36332 (manual motor protector) and UL file E123500 (self-protected combination motor controller)

All accessories for this series like operating handles, shunt trip units, under voltage releases, auxiliary contact units, trip indicating units, mounting adapters, as well as the 3 phase commoning links bars XTPAXCLK.../ -PKZ0 are also part of the certification inside the UL files and the ratings of XTPR and PKZM0/M4 are also valid with all the accessories shown in the above UL files. 

The device (XTPR SCCR rating is therefore carried over to the the accessories as well if applicable. 


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