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What is the supercedure for my old Moeller DIL type contactor or relay?

Eaton purchased Moeller a few years back.  The Eaton XT family of contactors is the same as the DILM product, in fact the product today carries both the XT number on it and the DILM number on it because in Europe the product is still being sold as the DILM.   But in North America, we sell and catalog the product as the XT numbering system.  Below is a spreadsheet that shows the old obsolete Moeller contactors such as the DIL00, DIL0M, DIL2M etc - these are the older Moeller contactors and are no longer being made.  They supercede to the XT's numbers shown but this will NOT be the exact same contactor.  It will be electrically and functionally equivalent, but accessories such as overload relays on the old one will not work on the new one.  The column named "current model" which shows the DILM numbers, THOSE are the exact same product as the XT number next to it.   If you have any questions or cannot find the part# you are looking for, please call the TRC at 1-800-ETN-CARE, option 2 and 2.


  1. DIL Old to New_Eaton.xls