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Can I use the XTPR accessories on the XTPE?

Yes -for most of them.  They use the same body frame, so the auxillary contacts, shunt releases and undervoltage releases are all the same between the XTPR and XTPE (electronic) manual motor protectors.  Also, handle mechansims, bus bar connectors, line side adapters and CMC connection kits will work.  With the CMC connection kits just be sure you select the right one based on the frame of XTPE and frame of contactor you are using.  The catalog will state what works with what.

The one exception is enclosures. The enclosures shown for the XTPR series WILL NOT work on the XTPE manual motor starters because the XTPE's are deeper.  


See Volume 5 tab 1 for specific part numbers. 

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