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What is the watt loss for Eaton Quicklag industrial miniature circuit breakers?

Eaton Quicklag (QC, QP, BAB and associated frame types) breaker watt loss information is listed below: 

The values stated below are only averages for power consumption estimates. They are not to be used as a guideline to determine if a breaker is functioning properly. 

10A: 9 Milliohms 

15A: 7 Milliohms

20A: 5 Milliohms

25A: 3.2 Milliohms

30A: 2.7 Milliohms

35A: 2.4 Milliohms

40A: 2.2 Milliohms

50A: 2 Milliohms

55A: 1.9 Milliohms

60A: 1.8 Milliohms

70A: 1.4 Milliohms

80A: 1.3 Milliohms

90A: 1.2 Milliohms

100A: 1.0 Milliohms