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Functional Testing RMM/ARMS in Eaton DT 310+trip unit breakers

In the MTST230V test kit instructions, Remote Maintenance Mode or Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System (RMM or ARMS) testing is covered for some power breaker trip units, but not for the DT 310+ trip unit.
Functional field test of the RMM or ARMS feature in DT 310+ trip units, using functional test kit MTST230V:
In order to test RMM functionality in an Eaton Series G molded case circuit breaker equipped with Digitrip 310+ trip unit with RMM feature, the following procedure should be used:
√ On left side of breaker, apply 24VDC to yellow and black wires of trip unit per associated paragraph of the circuit breaker instruction leaflet.
√ Blue LED of trip unit should light indicating trip unit is in remote maintenance mode.
√ On left side of breaker measure continuity of red and blue wires of trip unit; per associated paragraph of circuit breaker instruction leaflet contact should change state at same time blue trip unit LED lights, confirming trip unit is in remote maintenance mode.
√ Perform a modified version of the "Short Delay Trip" test outlined in the MTST230V test kit instruction leaflet, as follows:
    a.) Set Select Test switch to INST position.
    b.) Push test kit Test button, hold for maximum of one second, release immediately upon circuit breaker trip.
    c.) Reset circuit breaker to OFF position, then reclose circuit breaker to ON position.
end of RMM functional test