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What is the solution to replace C316FNA_ Overloads?

There are multiple options for replacing a C316FNA overload.

  1. C306 overload relay and heater packs
  2. C440 Electronic Overload
  3. XTOE/C440 Stand alone overload
  4. Replace the entire starter with an XTCE contactor and XTOB overload


Generally most people don’t want to use a stand alone overload which requires the customer to wire between the contactor and overload, thus a further description of option 3 will be excluded here.

Option 4 is potentially overkill and more expensive and further details will be excluded here for now as well.


As a specific case let's examine replacing a C316FNAQ which ranged from 10.0 to 14.0 A.

In this example. Option 1 would specifically be the C306DN3B and H2011B-3 heater pack.

In this example, Option 2 would be a C440A1A020SF0 overload with a 4-20A dial on it. It would physically fit into the IEC Freedom contactor.

It IS still IEC rated.


In either option 1 or option 2 case, if this is in an enclosure with an external reset button, the replacement will not physically line up.

At this point option 2 provides 2 easier options. One physical, one electrical.

The physical one is ZEB-XRB  which is a plastic over to fit over the relay to enlarge the target to hit which will physically depress the reset button.

Electrically, you can add a reset module and trigger it from a contact closure depending upon the desired voltage. ZEB-XRR-120 for 120V and C440-XCOM for 24Vdc     

The best solution is strictly a customer preference and dependent on timing and available parts.