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Are supplementary fuses required for C441 motor insight voltage input terminals

For the C441 Motor Insight overload relay we do specify the need to use supplemental fuses in conjunction with branch circuit protective devices as is required by UL and the NEC.

When we tested the original C441 units we tested them as used under a normal operating condition. That is to say we powered them directly from the main power poles and without any additional fuses placed directly in front of the OVLR Voltage/control power input terminals.

Upon completion of the UL witnessed short circuit test, the C441 devices were found to have acceptable test results under the UL 508 standard.

Therefore the C441 will be just fine, and we comply with all UL and NEC requirements, if the product is used WITHOUT this additional supplemental protection.

The primary BCP device is all that is needed.


C441 Product Overview