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C445 analog output

The C445 has an analog output capability is the C445 with an expansion analog output card: ELC-AN02ANNN. The Modbus adapter and a 24vdc power supply are also required. Adapter: ELC-CARS485 and a 1 amp 24vdc power supply such as the ELC-PS01 would do.

Note that that when using a C445 with an analog output card, a logic program would need to be written for the C445 to send whatever analog signal (4-20ma?) representing Average Current or whatever this analog output is to be used for. Eaton can assist with this logic program if needed.  be prepared to provide the details (type of analog signal 0-10VDC, 4-20ma, 0-20ma) and what parameter they want to send (average motor current, thermal capacity etc..

You can contact the TRC ( technical Resource Center) for further assistance in that regard. 


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