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C445 Accessories & Replacement Parts


All available accessories (CT kits, communication modules, connection cables, spare parts) are listed in the catalog, with some popular options below: Volume 5, Tab 5 - Motor Protection and Monitoring

USB A Male to Micro USB Male Cable (C445XS-USBMICRO)

Real-Time Clock and Memory Backup Module (C445XO-RTC)

Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP Card (C445XC-E)

Connection Cable - required between modules (D77E-QPIP_)

  • 13, 25, 100, 200 and 300 cm lengths (ex. D77E-QPIP13)
  • 600 and 1000 VAC Ratings (-HV indicates 1000 VAC rating, ex. D77E-QPIP13-HV)

Renewal Parts

Because of the modular nature of the C445 system, individual modules (base control, measurement, user interface) can be easily swapped out without replacing the entire setup. No renewal parts are available for repairing individual modules.

For more information, see our C445 Product Overview