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C440 / XTOE Product Overview

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The C440/XT Electronic Overload Relay delivers enhanced motor protection and communications capabilities in a single compact device, directly monitoring motor current in each phase. Thermal modeling is performed electronically with precision solid-state components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ground fault is used in the C440 and XTOE solid state overload relay?

How is phase unbalance detected on the XTOE/C440 overload relay?

What is the factory stated accuracy of the XTOE/C440 OL trip tolerance?

Can I wire my solid state overload relay for a single phase application?

What is the ground fault protection class for XTOE/C440 overload relays

Why is my C440/XTOE solid state overload LED continually blinking?

Do you have a adjustment guide for the overload settings for the C440/XTOE when using current transformers?

C440 Overload power Dissipation