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What does the C445 Setup Wizard do?

The C445 Setup Wizard can be accessed by utilizing the Power Xpert inControl software (free download from Eaton's website) or the optional C445MU Monitoring User Interface. The C445 Monitoring  Setup Wizard enables the user to quickly configure the following parameters;

Operation Mode; Overload Only, Direct, Reverser, Star/Delta, 2 Speed Pole Changing, 2 Speed Dahlander, Auto Transformer, Solenoid Valve, HMCP/MCCP Actuation, Contactor Feeder, general Purpose I/O

Local Control Source; Auto Detect User Interface, None, User Interface, Fieldwire.

Remote Control Source; None, Fieldbus, Fieldwire

2-Wire/3 Wire Control Scheme; 2-Wire, 3-Wire.

Trip Class; 5 - 40

Motor Nameplate FLA; Range of Measurement Module

Motor Nameplate HP (Watts); Range of Measurement Module

Rated Motor Speed; 300 – 3600 RPM

(Motor) Service Factor; 100 – 255 %

(Motor) Rated Voltage; 100 – 5000 Volts

Rated Frequency; 50 – 60 Hz.

Rated Power Factor; 50 – 100 %.