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What are the functions of the C440/XTOE Health Status LED?

When the overload is initially energized it begins to charge a Capacitor on the circuit board. The capacitor stores the power required to trip the overload. The LED will not start flashing until the capacitor is fully charged. 

1. If an XCOM is used the capacitor will charge immediately and the LED will begin to flash immediately.
2. If the overload is self-powered the motor currents need to be at the minimum FLA dial reading or greater to fully charge the CAP.  It will take 1 – 2 minutes at the minimum current.
3. If the current is to low then the capacitor will never charge nor will the LED ever flash.

If the Capacitor begins to fail and is not able to hold a charge then this could be determined by the LED. If the LED is not flashing when powered by an XCOM or by self-powering above the minimum FLA current then this is an indication that the Capacitor is not charging and will not have the capability to trip the overload.

The Status LED Flashing rate also indicates information about current draw relative to the trip threshold. The Minimum trip current is 115% of the FLA dial setting (Nominally 113% +/- 2%).

1. If the LED is flashing 1x/second the motor is drawing less than 115% of the Dial Setting
2. If the LED is flashing 2x/second it is an indication that the overload will eventually trip if there is no changes in the currents being measured.


C440 LED is not flashing

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